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About Expansys

We are proud to exhibit a diverse portfolio of business clients across different industries.

As we value our people, partners, and clients, we pride ourselves in achieving high levels of customer satisfaction through our services and continuous follow-ups, all the while providing practical solutions for IT challenges.

Our experience and skills are sure to design and implement solutions that are flexible to your unique business needs.

At Expansys, we believe in empowering businesses to navigate through the ever-growing digital age. Our solutions are customized to support you across every stage of your business journey, enhancing your productivity and efficiency so you can strive forward towards your bigger picture.

No matter the challenge, we will tackle your requests with full enthusiasm to present you with the optimal solution that best accommodates to your distinct needs.

Our Story

“Solving problems has been my passion since I was a kid, especially IT-related problems.”

Mr. Chong King Fui, IT Director and Founding Partner of Expansys Technologies

Our trailblazing dive into Brunei’s digital growth emerges from the humble beginnings of an ordinary lunch session in 1995 between our founding partners, Mr. Vincent Goh and Mr. Chong King Fui. With a vision to change our Bruneian lives through IT, NETCOM – our parent company – was formed, followed by Expansys Technologies 20 years later.


Today, NETCOM and Expansys Technologies work side-by-side with a relationship that allows for a mutual balance of independence and reliance that best accommodates the unique IT solutions for our client groups; NETCOM to consumers, and Expansys to businesses.


Driven by the same vision, Expansys Technologies will continue to establish ourselves as the IT Partner for Your Business Needs.

The IT Partner for Your Business Needs

With a client list of businesses, schools, government offices and more, Expansys Technologies is driven by the vision of our parent company, Netcom Computer House:


To become the most trusted IT partner for retail and distribution clients within Brunei.


In 2015, Expansys was formed from this dedication to our corporate clients, inspired by our mission to empower businesses by supporting them in fulfilling their technological needs that will guide them through Brunei’s digital age.

Our Mission

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