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The Workstation Revolution

It is well known in the tech industry that having better functioning tech makes for less stress at work. With better and newer technology, workers are able to be 37% more productive in a work day and save up to generally 23 minutes per hour or 15 hours within a 40-hour work week. To further prove this point, having a ‘bad’ tech work experience can impede a worker’s performance by more than 30% on average, which in the long run will impact the organization’s performance as well.

This is where Dell’s latest breakthrough comes in.

The Dell Optimizer is a software application that intelligently and dynamically optimizes the performance of your computer by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The AI-based optimization software will learn & respond to the way you work & is designed to improve application performances, battery life, audio settings & privacy.

Dell Optimizer is also designed to help increase productivity by dynamically configuring a system, keeping the system up to date, and providing an easy-to-use tool, which can track resources and their usage over a period of time.

Optimization of system performance is essential to any organization dealing with growing application needs and limited resources. Workstation users have specific needs for their own workflows that demand maximum performance and reliability so they can remain focused on being creative and productive. However, on any workstation, certain sub-systems may either be overutilized or under-utilized based on the activities being performed.

Listed below are the main factors on exactly how the ‘Dell Optimizer’ will keep your workstation perfectly utilized in order to achieve high levels of productivity.

1. Intelligence Privacy Anywhere

Onlooker Detection keeps sensitive data private by texturizing and turning on the Safe Screen when an onlooker is detected and Look Away Detect darkens the screen when you look away.

2. Improved Performance

ExpressResponse analyzes how you use your preferred apps to boost performance and intelligently ensures continuous flawless application performance, all based on your application usage style and history.

3. Enhanced Audio

Intelligent Audio delivers audio and mic enhancements and reduces background noise using Neural noise cancellation that automatically provides a clearer sound for the user.

4. Unmatched Connectivity

ExpressConnect provides the world’s first simultaneous multinetwork connection that joins the best network available. It also helps in optimizing connectivity and prioritizing bandwidth for uninterrupted conferencing and productivity.

5. Faster Sign-in

Express sign-in proximity sensor detects your presence to wake on approach before Windows Hello logs you in via facial recognition. Starting your day being as secure and efficient as one can be.

6. Extended Power

ExpressCharge analyzes your power usage habits to improve PC battery utilization, extend run time, and faster charge your system. Essentially, extending the battery when you need it.

7. Simplified Manageability

Elevate your work experience with an easy-to-manage application that provides a seamless experience for both the end-users and IT decision-makers. Providing an efficient solution for all your workstations while keeping the process simple and organized.

Drop us a text or call today for a free technical consultation and let us help you maximize your workstation productivity.

You may reach us through:

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